Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 11

We are floored! Literally! Just kidding... cheesy joke:) But hey, we do have ceramic floors and bath surrounds in! Its been a crazy and busy week for us so we haven't been by the house for a full week (first time since we broke ground) so we really were surprised at all the things happening.. between flooring, siding, shutters, the list continues...Oh and we received a letter from NVR/Ryan homes, we have our Pre-Settlement meeting on Sept 19th and we close on the 25th!!!!! Better start packing!
This picture turned out really dark for some reason but I wanted to give a panorama of the downstairs rec room

And under the paper.... ceramic!

This is what we have in the front foyer as well. LOVE IT! It has kind of a greyish/blue tone in it.

Foyer... with ceramic under the paper once again

The banister and rails are stained! I completely forgot what we had even chosen but I like the lighter, natural color! (probably why I chose it in the first place...)

Kitchen! With a microwave:)

So I am really relieved after going back today to take pics, in looking at the cabinets again they really don't seem as yellow as I first thought they were. Seeing them with the flooring in really makes a difference too

LOVE how this looks! I was really starting to second guess some of our choices (it has been months since we made our selections) but I am so excited and relieved now!

Chandelier... and they put in light bulbs! Lol its the really little things that count!

Pano of the whole second level (Don't mind how janky it makes the lines, I'm not a very steady hand)

BRIGHT living room! This picture really captures how much light we get in here!

I can't wait to see this complete!

A shot of the stairs heading to the third floor.. had to throw in another picture of the railings because I'm really liking the stain! 

Ok, so here we were totally caught off guard! When we walked into the master bath, we really were convinced this was the wrong tile! It seemed soooo much darker than what we remembered selecting! I went back through old photos, thank goodness I've been taking pics of everything, and sure enough it does seem a little darker but not by as much as we first thought. Anyhow, we really like it!

The sandstone vanity has some darker spots in it that match the tile, so it all seems to blend well. Again... more decisions I was starting to second guess after awhile but am relieved to see it looking even better than I imagined! 


So this is the ceramic in the hall bath.. it is the same as the master but a few shades lighter. 

Sorry the hall bath pics are a little off, there isn't any light in here so its just the flash from my camera

Outside light fixture

We really needed some AC today! 90 plus degrees out and not a whisper of a breeze

These are our RED shutters! (They were called fiery brown on paper...)

I can't wait to have a deck!

Garage doors installed too!

They still have to put shutters on the front but the trim around the door is up
Also this week they should be forming the front sidewalks and leadwalks to the house, then grading and putting down top soil to begin laying sod!


  1. Wow! Lots of progress! All of your selections look great - isn't it so hard making all of those choices weeks/months ago and then waiting to see what it looks like in person!

  2. This all looks amazing! I can't wait to come up there and see all of it once it is completed. Where will Safia and I stay ;-)