Sunday, August 24, 2014

Week 10

So Friday afternoon my husband took off work and we decided to get out and enjoy the day. Just as we were sitting down to lunch an email from our PM pops up and low and behold, when he said they would start trim either Friday or Monday... I was NOT expecting to get an email Friday at noon that initial trim had been done! Of course we had to email him back and head over there after we finished eating just to see it all for ourselves! Also found out that Monday they will start ceramic! (Most of these pics are from our PM's email)
Foyer looking at french doors to the study 

Rec room/utility closet doors

Rec room

And banister!

From living area 

Completely shocked when I saw cabinets installed! I didn't realize they would be put in yet and I was so anxious to see how they would look! I was starting to wonder if we shouldn't have gone with the basic white but I think these have so much more character!Although when it comes time to paint we will have to be careful not to get a color that makes them look yellowy (which totally nixes my ideas of having a yellow kitchen)

When we had our preconstruction meeting with our PM, he mentioned that we were the first townhome (and I think home in general he has done) that he has seen with the hazelnut glaze cabinets. I'm curious to know what he thinks now that they are in... we were a little nervous after we heard that since it seems as though most people go with dark cabinets. Our SR says he really likes these cabinets since they have a country sort of style and we do too! I guess that's all that matters! It will really be something to see them once the flooring and countertops are in as well.

Upstairs hallway

This is the only laminate in the house.. the laundry closet

And master bath! We changed the cabinet (which I hadn't updated on here, sorry) from andover white to timberlake white. It was an upgrade but we felt the andover doors looked like plastic with how the grooves in the doors were and wanted to keep it similar to the kitchen in style. We actually nixed the fireplace in the rec room which I'm sure by now you can see in the pictures, we just felt the cost versus how often we would use it was a waste (although I love the idea and look of a fireplace) Our SR made me feel better about that decision when he justified it by saying putting a big hole in the wall really reduces the energy efficiency of the home, plus we might use it a handful of times a year. So we balanced it out by upgrading the bathrooms while keeping the total cost of home where we wanted it. Oh yeah... that's sandstone granite! Apparently not an option chosen very often in our community. Thoughts? (I'm happy with it!)

And another shot of the exterior! Cement step added in the front and they also put up the black roof over the bay window

Again another rainy day here.. you can tell this was taken from my vehicle but I wanted to give a good view of what our street is shaping up to look like now that our neighbor unit also has their brick completed!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Very excited to get an unexpected email with pictures from our PM today letting us know that they have started painting and should begin trim either Friday or Monday! I just want to say I am REALLY happy with the communication we get from our PM, (and our SR) I know saying these guys are busy is the understatement of the year but they do a great job of making us feel like we are the only clients they have, seriously.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week 9

When we first started this process with weeks passing by and seemingly nothing much happening.. we often spoke about how building a home is the ultimate test of patience.. when you buy an existing home, you walk in, fall in love (or like enough) and make an offer. It all happens very quickly and within a month or so as with the last house we bought, we were packing up, closing and moving in. Instant gratification.. or something like that. So far with this home we have been cautiously excited yet anxious... waiting. Yesterday visiting the home was the first time in all of this that I realized the gratification, while not instant, is ten times greater than anything I ever expected. And the gratitude... it cannot even be expressed. This home is no longer an idea, a plan or a blueprint, it's not just a list of options and selections on a piece of paper.. this is it! This is THE house, OUR home! Everything we have thought about, wanted, wished for, hoped for, it's all here. Every time I see it I am reminded of how blessed and beyond thankful I am.

Every little thing in this process has seemed like a big deal. Each week we are excited to see changes and progress, but this week for the first time I really am seeing our home.

She's a brick--- house! 

Entry and powder room

Stairs from the foyer

This is the study, my husband is so stoked to finally have his own office! I think he has put more planning into how he wants this room to be than anything else in the house! 

Rec room.. I am SOOOOOO glad we have an end unit which gives us so much more light with the extra windows (I know, not in the picture but I had to mention it)

Another shot of the rec room and utility

Sorry... blurry pic of the kitchen!

Another shot of the kitchen 

And.. another!

View from the ktichen dining area towards the living room

Again.. SOOOOO happy for the extra windows AND the bay window in front! The bay wasn't an option, in townhomes they preselect which units will have them. I am assuming it has something to do with varying up the look of the building, just like with the exterior design and brick/shutter/door colors

And another shot of the living room

Laundry closet. My only concern with this... beyond getting our washer and dryer up three flights of stairs, maneuvering it around the hallway and into the closet.. is hoping they will fit! We were told by the PM it will fit standard size washer and dryer but it still looks like such a small space!

spare room

Guest room

Another shot of the guest room

Master bedroom

Master bedroom

Master bath

And then we went around to the garage and found......


And railings!

And doors!

And trim! 
And placement for the stairs/walkway from the garage to the house
So something you cannot see (or maybe you can but not really appreciate in the pictures like you can actually IN the house) is the amount of beautiful, radiant sunlight that hits our side of the house and shines through the windows, illuminating the rooms! I hadn't really put much thought into that before, or what a difference it would make but apparently my husband did :) We were there at about 1pm yesterday (we've been at varying times of the day as well) so from about early afternoon on the sun hits that side of the house.  I love the sunlight and we really hope to maximize it by keeping things pretty light and neutral in color.

So I was thrilled to see what a change it made to have the drywall up, but seeing cabinets and doors in the garage was nearly just as exciting! I wonder when they will go in?!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week 8

So I wanted to wait until today to post since we had our pre-drywall meeting this afternoon. We met not with our PM who was at a meeting I think, but the supervisor who we've met I think once or twice before briefly. I really wish I could have recorded his spiel and everything we went over because there is no way I can remember it all! I managed to take a few pics but it was seriously down pouring, I mean the heavens opened up and it was raining like Noah's ark could have floated off.

So first off.. brick is going up!!! and they have the garage roof shingled. Again, pics aren't great because of the weather but we will be back down later this week when they hopefully will have more (if not all) done and the weather is more cooperative.

Rec room with drywall



Another shot of living room with drywall 

Master bedroom

Sprinkler system (well, one sprinkler.. obviously) There is a system installed and it will break and go off at I think he said 150 degrees. It is localized as well so if there is a fire say, in the kitchen the sprinkler in that area can break and go off without the bedroom or rec room going off too. There is also additional insulation over the pipe including R38 insulation above that as well to ensure the pipes do not freeze during winter months

So throughout the house in every single nook and cranny and possible space that air could move, there is insulation. This is a picture of some high density foam insulation around piping.

And... more insulation! This is a foam insulation that fills any gap between the drywall and the framing.. this house is seriously air tight. 

I'm sure in the pictures you also noticed that insulation is up as well. These pictures and my brief explanation do not do justice to how sealed up this house is. We were there during some serious weather and didn't feel a bit of draft or air moving from the outside. As I said before, every single nook and cranny that air could possibly flow from is insulated and sealed up. Oh and side note, apparently guardian is supposed to contact us and set up a meeting at the house to go over proper placement of wiring and what not. While they did contact us to see if anything had changed from our initial meeting, they did not set up a second meeting with us lazy so we went over placement of everything to be sure it was all correct, and it was. Now that plumbing, electric, sprinkler, and guardian rough ins are complete along with insulation and all appropriate inspections, a third party energy star inspector also does an inspection prior to drywall. I'm assuming all went well since we were told they should start drywall installation tomorrow. It was a great early birthday for my husband (and I enjoyed it just as much) to once again see the amazing progress on our home. We feel so blessed.