Friday, September 19, 2014


Today was our pre-settlement meeting, we met with our PM at the home and this meeting covered everything, literally EVERYTHING about the home... appliances, mechanical systems, flooring, counters, cabinets, drywall, utilities... honestly you think you know things (we all live in a home obviously) and then you go to a meeting like this and feel ignorant! So something that struck me when we left this meeting... we are not new to home ownership. We bought our first house a few years back and it was a pre-exisiting home. We closed on the house within 30 days and the day we closed we moved in and we were on our own essentially. The house was 100% ours so if anything broke or went wrong or was damaged, it was all on us to take care of it. Kind of daunting really for a first time home owner. However with Ryan homes, even after settlement they are there. We have a 30 day post settlement follow up, 10 month final review and a free one time drywall service good for one year, not to mention all kinds of warranties and a service line for general issues as well as emergency issues. In fact, we were given a very full binder which covers everything we could possibly need to know, from how to care for the different surfaces in the home to contact information on specific contractors who were used for construction. This meeting took a total of 2 1/2 hours ish... in additon to revewing everything possible about the home, we went through and used tape to mark off any things to be fixed. Whether marks on the wall, scratches on the bannister or damage to trim.. you'll notice little blue pieces of tape in the pictures so that's whats up. Our PM gave us both a long piece of tape yet he has a really critical eye, self-admittedly OCD so I barely had the chance to use mine! 
HAHA I wish I had taken this picture straight! I was trying to get a good shot of the door with the house number but somebody was rushing me...


Entry again, study to the left, powder room to the right

French doors to study

Powder room

Rec room

Pano of the rec room

Kitchen (with deck replaced:)

Looking off the deck.. eventually it will be developed but not for a while yet

And my kitchen again.. with appliances! So happy with how this turned out!

Don't mind the binder on the floor lol. Thats the binder they gave us for the home

SO excited to have a gas stove! I can't wait to start some canning!

Upstairs hall, behind the doors is the closet for washer and dryer

Upstairs hall looking towards master. Hall bath on the right, stairs on the left

Bedroom 2- To be guest room

Bedroom 3

We will meet again the morning of settlement with our PM to go over everything that was marked today. I just can't say how happy we are and how blessed we feel at this point. Everyone we have worked with throughout this entire process has exceeded our expectations. We were pretty wary after reading some other blogs but our experience has been thankfully smooth and with only minor issues. Honestly, the amount of communication and dedication to working with us from everyone starting with our sales rep to our project manager (and even NVR after our initial frustrations with them) have made all the difference. So if your in the market for a new home... go to Ryan homes at Fieldside in St. Charles!


  1. Everything looks beautiful! So happy for you - congrats! Now settlement can't get here quick enough!

    1. Thank you!! It's hard to believe we are nearly there but it's been well worth the long wait! Time does fly by... soon enough you will be there too:)

  2. Congratulations! Your home looks beautiful! I am building a Mozart in Fieldside too. We start building next month. I hope our process goes as great as yours!

    1. Thats great to hear! We are actually finishing about 2 weeks or so ahead of schedule, and between our SR and PM, I know you will have just as good of an experience as we have. They really have a great team working in our community. I look forward to hearing about your progress soon!

  3. I just found your blog and your home looks great! I finally found another townhome builder!!! :-) Congrats on your new home and I will continue to follow your progress!