Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week 6

Today was a day we've been waiting for! Pictures of the inside! :) Actually I am pretty sure every day in this process is a day we've been waiting for. Everything that happens is so exciting but now we can share how it is all starting to come together from the outside AND the inside!
If you'll notice from last weeks pictures, they've not only added the third floor but roofing, windows and doors! Holy cow it's a building!!!
At this angle you can just barely see our unit on the end

This angle makes our unit look so small compared to our neighbor! They have a strauss which is larger but also the units are staggered, so ours sits closer up from the front

This would be the view walking in from the front door.. your looking at stairs (obviously) to the left which leads up to the livingroom and kitchen. Straight ahead is the rec room, and to the right is the study

Stairs in entry foyer


Another pic of the rec room

Standing in the kitchen looking at the livingroom

Kitchen. Really cool to see where the cabinetry and appliances will be

Looking at the kitchen from the livingroom

Livingroom. Love that we get a bump-out window! (luck of the draw, it just so happened to come with the particular unit/site we selected)

And another livingroom pic...
Master bedroom

Master bedroom/bath

Master closet (I NEED THIS)

Guest room (Dad, you can stay here :P )


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 5

So last Thursday night as I was driving home from school I see firetrucks and police going crazy down the highway a few miles before my exit. I'm thinking an accident or something like that and soon enough I make it home and forget all about it. The next morning on the news I learn that there was actually a significant fire to a row of townhomes nearby. Apparently someone left a charcoal grill unattended and next thing you know... According to the news no one was injured but 12 people were out of their homes and a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of damage was done. Immediately I started thinking about our townhome and all kinds of thoughts about safety and what if our neighbors place were to catch on fire, etc etc. When we set up our Guardian we also opted for a smoke communicator in addition to the standard smoke detectors but I just started wondering how hazardous living in a townhome might really be. Flash forward to Monday morning update email from the PM and conveniently enough he addressed this very concern without my even asking! Below is a picture of the framing and as he explained, between the homes is a green and purple board called a firewall or partywall, which is a fire rated drywall giving two hours of protection in the event of a fire. It is attached by burn clips to fireblocks in the studbays, so in the event of a fire, the burn clips will melt at a certain temperature and the attached home then detaches allowing the structure on either side to be left intact. Pretty amazing and yet again I am surprised by how little I know about this whole process!
View from the back

Starting to have a third floor!

Side view

I saw stairs. doors and windows piled up.. and of course I must document everything... so here is a picture of stairs:)

Pano from the front street
As you can see some major progression!! Every time we swing by I feel like I need to close my eyes and not peek until we get there since so much is happening so quickly! I told my husband to do the same but he was driving so...

Apparently this week they will finish the framing and shingle the roof, and then the HVAC contractor will begin working.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Drive-by and framing!

Had to run down to the model home today to take care of something and we were so excited to see the framing going up! It was raining so these are just some quick drive-by pics thought we'd share :)

Shout out!

So just had to give a shout out for the best sales rep for Ryan homes EVER! haha! And the best project manager too...

Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 3

This week we were contacted by NVR to provide updated documentation since settlement is tentatively scheduled for September. Although there are still some frustrations with NVR, our loan processor has been helpful and quick to answer questions and concerns we have. I will be honest, as much as I am looking forward to being done with this process so we can actually be in our new home, I am almost more ready just to be done dealing with NVR! Every day is a day closer...

Which brings me to.. more pictures of progress! Our PM emailed Sunday afternoon with these pics (we didn't get down there since we had a very busy Friday and Saturday and just needed a day where we didn't leave the house). Apparently they finished the plumbing and passed inspection, the crew then backfilled and poured the foundation on Friday. By Sunday the foundation had cured and lumber was delivered, and now they should be working on framing (pics of that to come soon). Apparently the framing process takes 7-10 days. I can't wait to actually see our (rough) home!

 Prior to them pouring the slab, in the photos above you can see they applied a plastic vapor barrier and perimeter insulation as well as reinforcing steel for a stronger slab. Do I know what all that means? Nope. Does it sound good? Yup! (I might've just copied out of the PM's email) I hate to sound naive but I had no idea really all that went into the process of building! Even just to the point we are at now it seems there have been so many steps (and more I am sure the PM hasn't mentioned)!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Week 2

Took a drive down to the site after church today, we were very excited to see progress! The foundation wall panels have been set and plumbing is being installed this week.

So the above picture I tried to give some idea of what is being looked at. Our yard should be 17 feet long by 25 wide, and they have to make up roughly 2 feet in grade, so the garage will have a few steps leading up into the yard. Took a little explaining from the husband to understand how it will look since it is (for me anyway) a little tough to tell looking at it now. I sorta freaked when I first saw it and thought we weren't going to have any yard...

Again... where stairs from garage will be

And garage.. again!

You see more of our neighbor's set up in this picture than you do ours, they are building a strauss so it kicks out quite a bit further than ours does

Tried to get a good shot of the foundation walls for our unit
View from the front and plumbing stuff

More plumbing stuff :)

Panorama of the back