Tuesday, May 6, 2014

CTI and guardian options selected!

Yikes! Today was the day I have been waiting for!!!!! We met with both CTI and Guardian today. Below I will add some of the photos I was able to take (once I remembered to take them after being so overwhelmed with all the options to choose from) and descriptions of each but I plan on creating a separate tab to list our entire selections. Keep in mind the lighting in the photos isn't great, the actual colors may be a shade or two lighter/darker than what is below.

Basement level and living room carpet and the large tile above is the foyer and powder room tile

Again the tile above is in the foyer and powder room, the carpet on the left is basement and living room while the carpet on the right is the entire top floor (bedrooms, hall and stairs)

Owners bath granite, cabinets, tile surround (the tile closest to the top of the picture) with accent and floor tile (lower tile).
Sandstone granite and white timberlake cabinets
Tile surround(top tile) floor (bottom) and accent on the far left, also you see a corner of the carpet which will be in the hall outside the bathroom. These tile selections are just a shade or two lighter than the selections for owners bath

Kitchen granite, cabinet, ceramic tile and adjoining living room carpet selections

Again, counter, cabinet and tile selections

Tan and brown granite with maple glaze hazelnut cabintes

Found a kitchen setup with cabinets very similar in color so we took a picture with our granite choice on top

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Floorplan and elevation type

Also here is a link to the floor plan

...and pictures which will give a good idea of our elevation.
Ours is the far right end unit. Unlike this photo all units are brick (obviously different colors). We will have the fiery brown color for shutters and door (looks more red than brown) along with the bump out window and door frame and peak directly above as seen in this picture.

Much ado about nothing

So much has happened and yet so very little has happened since my last posting! Here is the rundown.. Met with NVR  on 22 Apr and submitted our loan application. Everything in that regard was fairly straightforward and now we wait... and wait some more as some unfortunate news regarding our potential delivery time frame has put us back a few months. Originally we were looking at early September and now due to some permitting issues between the county and the developer we are being pushed back to December. Originally we were pretty frustrated, we really wanted to be moved before the holidays and colder winter weather. We may get lucky and find out on the 19th (when the county and developer have their meeting) that they will allow the permits to build our unit, however if it looks like they will hold out, the developer has agreed to put us up in their neighboring apartment complex come September and pay first months rent and half for the remaining months. If it goes that route, things will actually work out pretty well since we will be able to save a fair amount of money in the final months. Either way, it's a relief after getting that disappointing phone call saying we would likely have to wait even longer...

And on a much more fun note from all the above, this Tuesday we have our meeting with both Guardian and CTI! This I have been waiting for! I'll update on our selections Tues night but for now we were actually thinking of switching our granite choices to something darker than the Santa Cecelia. I found this photo on another blog and we both really love how it gives more contrast in color.