Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 12

Today my husband asked me, when do we stop calling the new house a house, and start calling it a home?... well, I think today must be the day, because for the first time ever it no longer felt like a construction site, it felt like a home!
I have been waiting to see this for a looooong time! I am in love with the counter/cabinet/floor combination we put together! I was really starting to second guess some things after we picked them out so long ago, but seeing it now everything just looks exactly how I was hoping it would! 

Just waiting for some appliances now ;)


Kitchen with counters!

Everything and the kitchen sink :)

Tan and brown granite

I really love the ceramic floor.. it was so nice to see it all uncovered! This will be so much easier to maintain with our dog!

Kitchen ceramic and livingroom carpet

I am so glad we upgraded the padding and the carpet,what a difference from our current home! We have some probably really cheap version of carpet and padding and it just feels and looks janky. 

Rec room

Hey I forgot to mention, we have power! Notice the recessed lighting ;)

back entry

Ceramic tile and carpet by back doors


And now that we have power, we can take a good picture of the hall bath! I really like this lighter version of what we have in the master bath.

Hall bath

Master bath (nothing has really changed but you know me and pictures!)

Master bedroom (We went with lighter carpeting for the entire top floor which is master bedroom, 2 guestrooms and hallway/stairs)
So this week according to our PM, we now have power (which you saw in pics) and the cleaners were out for a base cleaning in which they removed all of the construction debris and floor coverings. Now our PM will be going through and marking things for the contractors to come in and take care of outstanding issues. Also by Thursday we should see front leadwalks and sidewalks (they weren't able to get out last week) as well as privacy fencing and our deck! And by Friday sod! Next time we see this place it should look as much like a home on the outside as it does on the inside!


  1. It looks so beautiful! I think it's come together perfectly. So excited for you. You are almost home! ;)

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