Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thoughts on design...

Waiting to hear back from CTI to set up an appointment. Hopefully soon but in the meantime I'm about to shut down google with the number of times I've been searching different mozart designs! I've found a few different things that might give a good idea of what we are going with so far...

 We chose the maple glaze cabinets (similar to what is pictured here, just with a distressed look) and santa cecelia granite but may change the granite. I love how this looks but since hubby wants to go with ceramic tile floor I am not sure how the cabinets will look with that. Maybe they have a darker color stone that will contrast enough.

I had to add the picture of this backsplash! I would love do this later on...

We also went with white cabinets and the lighter santa cecelia in the master bath and guest as well, and should look similar to what is pictured above

And finally, we opted for a fireplace in the rec room, although ours will be with the slate surround

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


So... imagine a giant SOLD sticker right across that sign!
It would have been there if it wasn't down pouring and muddy! We plan on going back on a better day and slapping it across that bad boy:) We did get a picture of hubby and I placing the sold sticker on the little map in the office, I'll post it once our SR emails it. Today was the ever exciting (or excruciating depending on how you feel) meeting where we went over the buyers contract and signed the mountain of papers. I am so ready to start picking out carpeting, tiling, and all the rest of the details!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Just getting started...

So I am entirely new to the world of blogging but I have been obsessively looking through the many blogs about building with Ryan homes and decided to document our experience from the very beginning. I have seen so many others sharing great tips, ideas, experiences, and frustrations so I want to get in on the fun!

So here it begins... We live in the DC metro area and have been looking for a home for well over a year now. We started our search all over the place, but mainly looking for a SFH. We have been pretty disappointed so far, never finding something that was right. We happened to find a ryan homes community being built after a day of checking out open houses and after looking at models, pricing, options, and some serious discussion we were sold.. we loved the idea of building a home from the ground up and customizing it to be exactly what we like! Here's the catch.. we decided on a townhome! A few different reasons and cost being one of them. Ryan had recently changed their package options and the starting cost of their smallest model (florence, I think?) began pretty much at the top of our budget. (They had just changed their package options and increased their prices too!) Sooo.. we decided we would start lower and upgrade with the amenities and features we knew we would want to make it perfect for us! I feel way more comfortable with this since the pricing is well within our budget and we have friends doing the same thing although they are building in a different community. Plus a townhome realistically fits our needs right now and if we have to move because of the military in the next few years, although we really hope that doesn't happen, we think it will be easy to rent out.

So we put down a lot hold for an end unit and chose to go with the Mozart model with detached garage! We added a few options straight up, like upgrading to granite countertops in kitchen in bathrooms, stainless steel appliances, ceramic tiling, upgraded cabinets, deck, rough ins for ceiling fans (5 in all), recessed lighting in the rec room and fireplace (we are still debating if we might keep that or not) and roman shower for master bath (that might change as well). This is all preliminary and
tomorrow we meet to draw up the contract and go over everything in much more detail. I can't wait!